False Beliefs Elimination Program – pt 2

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The steps are detailed to work because they use your own physiology to make the necessary shifts inside you. If you have gone through part 1 of the 21 Day Mind Boot Camp Program before you are attempting to do part 2, “Keys to Unlock your Beliefs”, you have learned the way your mind and body physically process thoughts of information. This is understood today because of the discoveries biology has uncovered. That known science of how we are wired to process information is important to know and to apply step by step faithfully to eliminate false beliefs from your brain.

For example, it may not feel right for you to keep answering out loud questions that my audio recorded voice is asking you. Yet you learned that when you speak out loud from the main book of Think Well, Live Well Now that your cells transmit and receive information from you speaking. That is why you must answer OUT LOUD so they receive the information you give in the manner of you speaking.

This also allows you to better realize the feeling you have within you about the statements I ask you to repeat out loud. Beliefs you have before eliminating them will sound as if you feel an internal agreement with them. Once eliminated however, that same belief spoken out loud will feel flat, or neutral, or of no feeling inside you. After a while of doing this, you will be able to read your physiology better. After all, you don’t want to keep a false belief that is holding you back from growing into your true purpose and fulfilling wonderful possibilities.

As an adult, conversations won’t matter. Your beliefs are formed as a child, as an adult we need to go back to eliminate the childhood belief. It won’t do any good to change it, you need to get rid of the false belief. If you deal with a child’s behavior one way is likely to form negative beliefs. Yet if you deal with in another way it is just as likely to form positive beliefs. But where do we as parents buy the manual for perfect parenting? That would be a number one best seller of all time. We tend to repeat a lot of the same behaviors that our parents showed us.

In the foundational book; Think Well, Live Well Now, you learn that in the brain, you don’t bring back to life toxic branches of memories, they either have died already due to toxic thoughts or you allow them to die. Then you rebuild a new branch where the old one is left to die. In chapter 3, How Thoughts are Processed Physiologically, it explains what happens in the neuroplasticity of your brain a process called transneuronal degeneration. If you entertain similar thoughts to the ones you are allowing to die, you will reactivate the whole memory branch and continue to have it produce negative stored thoughts for you to think on. Which in turn generates an over flow of non stop chemicals (hormones) being flooded into your system like battery acid. Thoughts generate feelings, feelings that become strong from thoughts you spend time with become stored emotions. Emotions are acted out with attitudes of behavior. What your core beliefs are as to how and what you think about yourself is expressed by your actions outwardly.

You want to get rid of the beliefs that are causing problems in your life because as the book points out, they are killing you slowly but surely. Find the beliefs that cause that emotional behavior. Trying to talk yourself out of something with positive affirmations doesn’t work because we have a belief that is strongly held in place with emotional natures to be triggered through events. These beliefs are always looking for validation to be right, notice I didn’t say being true. So what you see and hear in the events from your environment, will trigger a behavior coming from a strongly held belief you have in you.

That will also cause the inner critic to talk to us and we have a conversation with the inner critic. We must eliminate the false belief all together as an adult. You change the meanings you formed from childhood beliefs to grow positively and move forward in life.

Look at the perception, or the meaning you gave to an event in your mind consciously. You can look at that and change the meaning to change the perception you gave to experiences in life. What is someones belief when they can’t develop a good relationship. It could be that you feel all the good people are taken or that you aren’t very lovable, which sad to say may be an outward behavior you end up exhibiting because you have the core belief that says; “I am unlovable”.

It’s not so much the meaning you have given to failed relationships as it is, what’s the belief you have stored from the perceptions you formed from prior events, which you have then given that core belief to having a successful relationship? Our behaviors are our core beliefs put to action outwardly. Whatever your perception is, will be what kind of people you pick, based upon your beliefs. You get involved with someone who could be toxic based upon false beliefs. Like attracts like substance.

A very common problem is a survival strategy belief. Most people worry about what others believe about them. This belief isn’t inherent. Compulsive behaviors come from the common thing parents do when the child does wrong. The kid gets hollered at for doing wrong, then when they do something the parent likes, the parent praises them for what the child did. This happens many times over and the child gives the belief to that behavior that says; “I am not good enough”. The child gives meaning to that good feeling they felt when they were praised. Then all other people as an adult, that give them that good feeling by liking what they did, will cause that adult to be compulsive in their behaviors to please people so they can feel good about themselves. Their life is run by people they aim to please.

Whatever you say to yourself that makes you feel important to yourself will be what runs your life. What makes you feel important is to have people think well of you. Once you say that to yourself, you see yourself that way and the way we see our self, is the way others see us also. Pleasing people will run your life.

Whatever your internal dialog is saying you need in order to feel good enough, will be what drives your behavior. Let’s say your internal dialog says being successful is what makes you feel good enough. You could have a million dollars in the bank and loose one business deal and have an anxiety attack or melt down. Or you could have multi millions in the bank and feel it isn’t enough. The problem is there is no amount that will be enough because what is driving that person is the belief ; “I do not feel good enough”. Every behavior is validating that belief. The false belief must be eliminated so the behavior and actions Can change.

Whatever you say to yourself that makes you feel good enough and important, explains peoples compulsiveness to do what gains them their own self approval. People think with thoughts on auto pilot. You never act alone and don’t think along the majority of the time either.

The thoughts you have don’t define who you “are” unless you agree with them. Getting accurate about how you perceive and what meanings you give to events will determine what you believe, which will determine what you receive. If you get rid of the belief it causes you to make life changes. It is a matter of re-asking the right questions to eliminate the false belief. This program gives the “HOW” to rewire your beliefs to re-imagine your life.

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