Faith’s Confessions Create Realities – Pt.2

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Wrong confession is a confession of defeat. If you talk about how the devil is keeping you from success, keeping you sick, or keeping you weak, it “is” keeping you weak or sick or unsuccessful—and that glorifies him. That is talking “about” your mountain when you must talk “to” your mountains to move them out of the way.

Examine things this way; ask yourself what control system you have activated when you think about the thing, and take a look at what you say. You can realize which switch you have turned on by examining your thoughts and listening to what you say. If the words you hear in your mind are negative, you know your positive control system is turned off and chances are your words coincide with the thoughts.

You don’t have to identify the source from where those negative thoughts came, unless the Holy Spirit reveals that to you. If He does, it will be for one purpose only, so you can ask His forgiveness for agreeing with them. Ask Him to help you think the opposite of those thoughts. Wash yourself with His Word (a spiritual bath you might say). That is the way to heal yourself from them. Then engage your positive thoughts and emotions. That will fill you with energies of light. The word brings His glorious light into you, that light is what heals your wounds from life.

The seeds of energy you use be they positive or negative are what you cause to become. Positive thought energy, once spoken, creates living, breathing, fruitful harvests that multiply. Spoken negative thought energy tears down, distorts, kills, steals, and destroys what could have been full of life—multiplying it unto death. Whichever energy you use most consistently, the more you will see happen from what the energy has the ability to do. Don’t be double-minded. Positive creates life, negative destroys to kill. The seed of invisible energy brings our harvest of physical matter. Satan takes dominion over you with negative energy production if you agree. God’s positive energy system overrides Satan’s if you will be in tune with Him.

In Mark 11:22, Jesus tells us to have faith in God, “And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.” He tells us that knowing that we can have devil faith that destroys us. In other words, have faith in God, not devil faith. It is impossible to please God without faith. Why? You can also have faith in the devil without realizing what you are confessing. It is according to what you believe and confess.

To be continued.

Excerpt from Think Well, Live Well Now

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