Faith is the Currency that Attracts

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Continued from previous post: What you focus on becomes what you know..

What made you start to believe for it? Did you come to that place where you had no choice but to believe for it? You said, it’s just got to happen. From the moment you said that and you start to get real serious to be clear, is when you lock in your faith and the cycle began for that which you are believing. It almost feels as if you no longer play all the mental thought games to doubt or figure out why, you just know it’s got to be so. You’ve got to discern the cycle of your faith. 

God gave you His identity and gave you a purpose for you to fulfill. He did this in His mind before He spoke you to exist. Then He placed you to have a birth date in time on earth. He did the very same thing with Jesus, His son. After Jesus paid the price for our sin, God gave us grace. His unmerited favor of grace is not so we can continue to sin , but that we can be God’s legal voice print to call His kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven. Heaven holds the blueprints for every thing on earth. Just as God finished creating earth before He created Adam, heaven also was created to contain everything for earth to receive.

Faith is the currency that attracts that which is in heaven to earth. You can’t get from heaven, what is to be yours on earth, sounding like the voice print of the devil. The only way you can get what is yours from heaven to earth, is with the voice print of God calling it here when you sound like God. You have to call things as God reveals them to you, to see an image in your imagination. You use faith as the currency, to give that which He has revealed to you it’s legal right of passage here. Nothing that sits in heaven can be transferred from heaven to earth, except with the voice print of God from you and the working of your faith, through your imagination. You have to believe to receive. This is why you need a revelation to claim what you own as an heir of Christ, for the Kingdom.

You could consider God’s revelation to you like a will. Thy Kingdom come, thy “will” be done on earth, as it is in heaven. It is both the will of God and His revealed will to you. The moment you hear what He is revealing to you, it is a will and testament for you to receive. When someone on earth has died and named certain things are to become yours upon their death, you find out what those things are by reading their last will and testament. So it is with revelation from God.

The moment He reveals something to you is when He intends for you to receive it. If this were not so, He wouldn’t have revealed it to you. Similarly, if you were suppose to get it 2 years ago, He would have revealed it to you 2 years ago. His “will” revealed that thing when it was time for you to receive it. Just like an earthly “will” leaves you treasures, so God wants to reveal hidden things that He has kept for you, not from you. He’s handing you the legal document to receive what He kept for you in eternity, for this time on earth. You are to consider it your legal right.

How many would walk away from the reading of a will from a dead relative that left you treasures? How many are doing just that when it comes to God’s will He has written for you? Most are lacking the understanding of the knowledge of revealed truth from God. We need to come to know who we are in Christ and how we find and receive our stuff. Our stuff always supplies our purpose.

Sometimes if we don’t have clue about our purpose, we have created a life without purpose and we also have created a life with unnecessary needs. This is why it is important to realize that God always supplies to your purpose, not your own needs. Some are trying to get needs for their own purposes, which aren’t the purpose for which God intended. So, your faith must correspond to your purpose, not your need. Yet we know our need, more than we know our purpose.

The revelation has already has been in eternity. It isn’t being formed in eternity when God reveals it to you, it already exists there. God, in Genesis, made everything on earth before He created man. So it is in heaven. All things are made and exist in heaven for you to transfer from there to here, by calling for them. This is God’s plan for His bride in Christ.

Never come to that place in your faith, were you can’t say what you are believing for. It is very dangerous. God could have created the heavens and the earth with the power of a thought. .The principal of faith is that you must speak. The Bible says God spoke and there was. The reason you speak is because you are accountable for what you say. God was accountable to Himself for what He said when he spoke everything into existence. How can you expect to do anything less? They only way you can measure anyone is by what they say. When they don’t do it, it shows how you can measure them.

Second Corinthians 4: 13 “and since we have the same spirit of faith, according to what’s written, I believe and therefore I speak.” Do you know why you have to believe before you speak? We speak to believe. You’ve got to believe, before you speak. If you believe before you speak, then what comes out of your mouth, you see. There is light and tangible substance on you voice,  and in the atmosphere and into the spirit.  Our connection to each other is by faith. Therefore, I believe, or I speak.

Don’t Be Hung by Your Tongue!

What you don’t believe, don’t speak. It is dangerous to speak what you don’t believe but it is powerful to speak what you actually believe. To speak what you aren’t believing, is to use your currency of faith to cause a debit in your account. To speak what you believe from God’s will, is using the currency of faith to make a deposit in your account.

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