Doug Kaufmann Interviews Benay Behnke

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Just got back from filming a series of interviews with Doug Kaufmann from the popular television program called; “Know the Cause”.  He is as down to earth and kind spirited as he appears on air!  His producer and crew also.  I had such an enjoyable time being with them.  Thank you for making me feel so at home and at ease.  You might find some of the following points we discussed on air of  interest.

Mankind is a three part being; body, soul, (which includes the mind,will and emotions) and spirit.  Yet we place all our focus for our health and wellness upon the physical body and mind only.

The spirit includes our unseen thoughts.  Depending upon what we think, we either cause a proper balance of positive chemicals and energy flowing within the mind and body, or a negatively toxic over flow of too many chemicals.

Think and Grow Rich, a popular book written about successful people and how they became successful, talks about the power of positive thinking. Think Well, Live Well Now explains the 21st Century discovered biology of how thoughts (our thinking) move through our physical body and mind from our spirit. It explains the connections between discovered biology, physiology and scripture for us to understand why and how we are able to empower our lives at any age.

Our perception has been programmed negatively for most of our lives.  We can retrain our thinking to be more positive in thought nature, which in turn causes the proper balance of chemical flow of hormones.   To sustain the bodies balance for healing, the methods of healing must include being aware of our positive, or negative thinking, and knowing what to do to redirect our thoughts.

Emotions are energy in motion. Attitudes are emotions on display. Emotions develop from feelings we make stronger. Feelings develop from thoughts we give significant meaning through our focused attention, consciously or non-consciously. This process forms our perceptions.  Perceptions can be programed into us that are true or false.  What we believe determines our perceptions of life events.

Stored emotions are the internal chemical factory of increased energy or diminished energy. Positive emotions spoken and thought (love, kindness, caring, forgiveness) can get and keep you healing, where as negative toxic emotions (fear, worry, anxiety, hatred, bitterness) keep the body in survival mode, known as the flight or fight mode.

Poor diet, breathing polluted air, too much radiation all contribute to growing an acidic internal environment within the body. The one most over looked and under talked about is toxic negative thoughts. As a man thinks, so he becomes is literally true.

Over loads of fungus and yeast can cause diseases, but unless one has the knowledge to take their conscious thoughts and become aware of what they are doing, we will continue to see a return of poor health.  The process of “thinking thoughts” happens mostly by default, without even realizing what effect our thoughts have upon the physical health of our brain and body.

We should give people quality products, along with the information to keep our system healthy, but we seem to be over looking the toxic “talk” we are being bombarded with through our five physical senses. To not realize that the spirit with which thoughts move through us with our agreeing with them, is a missing link to our approach to our good health and successes.

Thoughts are emotions in motion. Emotions have a physical nature to them. Let’s take the emotion of love. It has a “positive nature” that comes with a positive feeling that is felt inside you when expressed. The emotion of fear has a “negative toxic nature”, when expressed it also is “felt” inside of us as a negative feeling. These feelings are created by a positive, or negative, flow of energy and chemicals within our bodies. This is based upon our agreeing with what our thoughts are telling us is the true or false emotion we should feel at the moment. Love energizes the immune system, fear shuts it down.

Natural chemicals, known as hormones like epinephrine, dopamine, cortisol, etc. actively spew at overloading rates when our thoughts are too negative.   These are produced in alarming rates with continued worry, anxiety, and stress.  Changing  your self talk and thought  from fear, worry, and anxiety to thoughts of peace, trust, love, and forgiveness will release healing chemical hormones balances within the body.

The more positive emotions one chooses to display daily, the stronger the immune system becomes.   Along with diet, exercise and breathing better air, the body keeps homeostasis and stays in a growth mode to make its natural repairs.   Negative emotions are toxic and shut the immune system and cause other physical and mental operating systems to fight for survival.

Studies have shown our thoughts activate our feelings of emotions causing a shift of rhythm from our heart. The more you dwell upon the same thoughts, the more nerve impulses of energy and chemical discharges you generate that affect every organ in your body. Heart studies have shown that positive thoughts and feelings add positive energy to the systems of the body. The heart then gets re-calibrated to function as it was created to operate.

The body is rewarded for exercising the positive control system of emotions by adding energy to the immune system. Where as the negative operating system causes deficits to our system. This can shut the immune system down up to six hours and cause lack of mental clarity. Toxic thinking left unchanged over a long period of time can cause a complete shut down of the organs and systems of our body, due to toxic poisons that build up physically.

Doug Kaufmann has a wealth of natural health knowledge and if you aren’t familiar with his show, you should check it out at: The show will air in late August.

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  1. Susan McIntyre
    February 25, 2017 | 2:02 am

    Several coworkers and I, all immunocompetent, got disseminated histoplasmosis from bats at work. Apparently, no doctors in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas knew bats CARRY histoplasmosis and shed it in their feces, which I learned in elementary school. Doctors said we couldn’t possibly have it. The doctors were wrong.
    While researching my disease, I found that it at least “mimics” autoimmune diseases and cancer. It causes hematological malignancies, and some doctors claim their leukemia patients go into remission when given antifungal. My friend in another state who died from lupus lived across the street from a bat colony. Other doctors are claiming things like sarcoidosis is disseminated histoplasmosis, and researchers are claiming subacute disseminated histoplasmosis is much more common in immunocompetent people than previously believed.
    I also found a lot of diseases/conditions that are caused by it, but they’re listed as “cause unknown.” It’s known to cause rheumatological conditions.
    My coworkers and I had GI problems, liver problems, weird rashes, plantar fasciitis, etc., and I started getting migraines and plantar fasciitis in the building, and haven’t had them since I left.
    There’s a lot more.
    Please read the first chapter with medical info. Sorry the book is a little racy in parts, but I wanted it to be interesting and funny. I’m not sure if anyone else will think it is.
    80-90+% of people in some areas have been infected, and it’s known to lay dormant in the lungs and adrenals for up to 40 years.
    I wrote a book about my experience with Disseminated Histoplasmosis called “Batsh#t Crazy,” because the fungus bats shed in their feces causes hallucinations and delusions. It’s here:

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