De-Wall Your Heart

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Little did we know that to think and follow the intelligence in our heart affects our entire being for good or bad. As we do this, we synchronize our heart with our mind, causing us to find inner peace and harmony, allowing us to hear God more clearly. The messages from your heart become clearer when the mind is quiet. This neutralizes the mental and physical effects of stress upon us. Love, in place of stress, becomes your new state of being.

There is a shift that takes place within you when you practice this over time—a shift you actually feel. There is also improved health and well-being. After a while you will find it uncomfortable, not being connected to your heart. When you react from your head only, it won’t feel right. Even others around you that are reacting from their head will stand out to you. Remember to love them. You didn’t always know what to do. They are where you used to be.

Creating coherence between your heart and head puts power in your life. The head notices what needs changing, but the heart (the largest oscillator of the body), is the powerhouse to bring you changes that you thought were impossible. Be sure our enemy knows this as well and fights to cause breakdowns in our bodies. But he is the weaker power by far.

The state of our mental and emotional management “diet” determines our health far more than the food we eat. We consume like energy every second of every day. Thoughts and feelings turn into emotions. The body was fully designed to equip us with adequate energies to confront and defeat our stresses.

When we allow our energies to direct our thoughts toward negative emotions, we deplete our energy supply and long-term we deplete our energy reserves, causing our bodies to become diseased.

To be Continued…..

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