Butterfly or Cocoon, Which is You?

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Do you feel lost, forgotten, crushed or confused?  Are you struggling within yourself to go through life?  Listen to this video. click here  

So often we feel bad, thinking we know something to be true, when it isn’t our truth at all.  What is happening to us  is real but to understand what is really going on within us, is critical to our outcome and not always what it seems.

Monarch Butterfly Prophetic Information

The Monarch butterfly will lay eggs to hatch out a tiny caterpillar. This caterpillar has two sets of antennae, one on the front and one on the back. They basically are defenseless, with only those little antennae to whisk back and forth when wasps or other predators try to get them. The only thing they basically do for a seven day period is eat and poop, all the while becoming bigger and bigger, fatter and fatter. They have six sets of eyes, but they cannot see very well.

Every part of the cathartic journey for the butterfly, from caterpillar to butterfly, comes in segments of seven. On the seventh day, the caterpillar will hang its self in the shape of the letter J. Probably stands for Jesus. When all of a sudden green goop starts coming out of its mouth to coat its self in this cocoon that it has built. It really has no idea what it’s getting itself into because this is death on a stick for the caterpillar. The green stuff, that it coats its self in, gets to about the neck and with what you would think takes a long period of time, only takes seconds. Some coat themselves so fast that when it gets past its neck, their heads pop off.

What happens next is, everything that was solid turns to liquid in seconds. In seven days, to the day, it will all turn black. Then it turns translucent, clear, and you can see that there is a brand-new creature on the inside. You cannot touch it yet because it’s not its time. And if you do touch it to help it along in process, it will die and never become what it was intended to be.

Seven days later, this cocoon begins to crack open and two legs pop out. These tiny legs start pulling apart the outer walls that have kept it on the inside. It is nothing but intense struggle for the new creature that is emerging. The resistance, however, is what’s pumping the blood into the wings so they can unfurl to be ready for flight.

When this beautiful creature comes out, it will look for the sun because they are heliotrope’s, meaning sun seekers. So when the butterfly comes out, it will look for the sun. When the sun hits its wings, it activates a second enzyme pump, which shoots enzymes all into the wings and hardens them for flight.

Now the creature is standing on top of the cocoon, and none of the ingredients that went in to the cocoon are present as part of the new creature, the butterfly. It’s a new color, the color of orange. The color of orange is significant because it’s an indication of being poisonous. So basically, the monarch butterfly is clothed with a color that speaks, don’t touch me , I’m dangerous. But what has gone into this butterfly to make it dangerous?

Well, back when it was eating and pooping and really didn’t know what it was doing, what it was eating was making its blood toxic to its enemy, but life to it. That means the milkweed that the butterfly ate, prior to becoming a butterfly, now has blood that is toxic to its enemy.

So our former caterpillar had six sets of eyes, but couldn’t see anything but this new creature has only two eyes. But wait, it’s too eyes are dichromatic , which means they see everything we see but they also see in another realm. They see heat, color and radiation. It sees colors that no man has seen before.

There is not one piece that went into the cocoon that is part of the new creation. What ever went in there, died. Who said, I make all things new. This creature is a complete picture of resurrection. But why was this butterfly created?

What was the purpose of the cocoon? He stands on top of it now, realizing he no longer crawls, but flies. He flies off wherever and whenever he wants, but he doesn’t ever go back and curse the cocoon. He doesn’t ever go back to what he was or where he came from. But why? Because it got its wings to fly, and its vision to see from where it came. He outgrew the cocoon. Could you ever put a butterfly back into the cocoon? The answer is no. The realization is, why would you want to? Why would it want to go back inside the cocoon knowing that back there, it had no sight and no ability to fly. But let me tell you more. In three days, the elements take away the cocoon, from where it was. But where does the butterfly go?

Well, it begins an unbelievable journey that science cannot even explain. This butterfly, the heliotrope, also goes on a migratory journey that no one understands. It is led by the sun the whole journey. Monarch butterflies from all over the United States and part of Canada make a journey and they leave on the exact same day and come together over the mountains of Mexico in a one square mile, at the coldest time of the year every year. For one reason, and one reason only, they do this for the sake of community. They gather together to be a family.

Every five minutes, these monarch butterflies are 12 deep. They’re over a mile on top of this mountain, and it looks like a massive collage of butterflies. But even as a massive group together, there is a method to their madness. Every five minutes they cycle through the mass of each other. Which means whoever was in the front will move to the outside and this movement brings warmth through the whole body of butterflies. They’re cycling in and out of each other, so no man is the main man, and all are sharing their warmth to keep the whole body warm. The added beauty is that their children land in the same garden that they came from.

Now if you think I’ve been talking about the monarch butterfly all this time, you have been fooled. This is a beautiful picture, for every son and daughter of God to grasp an understanding of, when it comes to individual lives, regarding what God is doing or allowing. If we could learn these lessons in the body of Christ, everything would shift immediately.

You may think you are as lost as anything but are you really? Could it simply be that you didn’t know you would enter a cocoon stage of life so that in reality, you would emerge one day as a butterfly. A beauty to behold that flies instead of crawls. Take a look at your life right now and ask yourself where are you in life right now? Where do you want to be? Remember, if you want to fly, you will have to coat yourself willingly with the gunk of life, enter a period of death, so may emerge a changed creature. One that doesn’t look or act the way they did before. Begin your new journey today.

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