Change What You Confess

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Now let’s become aware of how to change this for the good. Confession is a spiritual principal. Confessing is affirming and speaking something we believe. This is mostly referenced as confessing our sins to one another. There is more to its meaning. If we spend more time being “sin conscious” than we do being “blessing conscious,” we are asking for trouble. When we focus on our sins we are resonating with negative, toxic thoughts, continuing in harmony with what brings bad into our lives. The answer is to quickly repent and move back into positive controls.

Prophet, Kim Clement puts it like this: “Sin removes the ability to see the greatness of God in you.” Sin blinds you. When you have a sin consciousness all the time, you see your “self” instead of seeing God in you. What you are conscious of is what you will see, both in and outside of you in others. The more you are conscious of evil, the more evil you will see in others.

The opposite is true as well: the more you are conscious of good that is what you will see in others and receive back from others. If all you see is sin in yourself; that is all you will see in others. Not only that, but it will be what you negatively focus on as well, which will not prohibit the growth of healthy trees in your brain. When you do this, you keep your negative control system activated too much of the time. That will not put you back on top and will keep your positive control system turned off.

Therefore, that is why we need to repent quickly and move into thinking thoughts from the positive control system within. This is what I believe King David had going for him. After he sinned, he didn’t waste a lot of time before turning his thoughts back to God and asking for forgiveness. This could be what caused God to describe David as a man after His own heart.

God is looking for obedience. It doesn’t matter how much sin you have been polluted with, He just wants you to keep giving your heart back to Him, by realizing the wrong you did and acknowledging it to Him. He will always continue to help you to overcome. Why? Because He IS love and He knows how His enemy Satan deceives all of His sons and daughters. The battle is God’s and His Word has numerous promises, telling us that He will always protect us—with the condition that we stay connected to Him.

Mark 11:23 says, “whosoever shall SAY unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe those things which he SAITH shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he SAITH.”

You can always tell if a person’s beliefs are positive or negative by what he speaks. If his confession is wrong, his believing is wrong. When believing is wrong, it is because his thoughts are wrong. Always, when thinking is wrong, it is because the mind needs renewing by the Word of God.

Excerpt from: Think Well, Live Well Now book

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