About Benay

Benay Behnke is an author, motivational speaker and workshop presenter dedicated to bringing people a greater understanding of how their internal dialog affects them physical, mental and spiritually.  She teaches how to apply the knowledge to bring empowerment to people to cause positive changes to take place in their lives.

Her teaching helps people see themselves in ways the enemy has blinded them from.  Through her believing that “nothing is impossible for someones life”, she helps people to find healing from their fears and negative emotions.  Her desire is for people to learn to believe in themselves by her belief  in them.  This has helped individuals be able to find their true identity.

Her work puts God on display as a good God and not a hard taskmaster.  Benay has experienced much of life’s hurts and pain through physical and mental abuse over the years and she has worked through the process to overcome such challenges.  She has lived the message of what she writes and speaks.  She shares how the Word of God, when applied to your life, can transform you to live Romans 12:2.

Benay holds group events, retreats, or one on one programs to bring solutions to the issues of life for improving relationships, health and financial success.   She lives at Hideaway Lake in Texas and is the proud parent of her son Norby, with wife Shawn, grandson Dustin Blane and grand-daughter Kennedy, who live across the lake from her.