Believing is Seeing

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How do you think the eagle will act if he believes what he sees from the outside?

The old saying that we say is; “Seeing is Believing”; we have that backwards. It really is; “Believing is Seeing”. What do I mean? Let me explain.

Prophetic revelation gives you sight and positions you so that you are perfectly aligned for a blessing. Without it, you pretty much keep going around the same mountain. Why? Because God intended for our connection to Him to involve hearing things from Him that we need revealed to us in our daily lives. Without current, now revelation from Him, we go stagnant. We don’t grow and life will run us, without much hope of us running our lives.

Jehoshaphat feared because he heard bad numbers. [II Chronicles 20] What did he do? Jehoshaphat fasted and prayed for a word to come to his life. God says to him that He needs unity. What took place before they praised. A prophet stood and said to them to stand still (verse 17) because they are at a certain place and gives them a word. He told them they would not have to fight in this battle. A prophetic word, removes unnecessary warfare or lessens it. Because once you have a word from the Lord, you don’t have to fight very hard to get what is rightfully yours. He has said what is truth and God can not lie. Therefore, it is done in your life. What trips you up is the enemy trying to tell you the opposite of the truth.

A word of revelation gives you insight. Insight is the ability to comprehend the true nature of a situation; what is happening behind your natural sight. You may be overwhelmed by your situation and God says for you to seek Him for a revelation of what is going on so you can apprehend. God always looks for you to seek Him on the matter so you get delivered from a defensive posture to an offensive position. What you comprehend through revelation, you can apprehend. So you can understand what is happening to you in the bigger picture. God will always want to reveal to you. His sons and daughters are to always be victorious warriors. He never wants you to be defeated.

I have news for you, not everything is demonic when you are feeling attacked. That which looks demonic could in fact become a dynamic, based upon your perception. Your perception can’t be based upon facts from your reasoning. Reasoning will always cause you to doubt what has been revealed to you. It is the ancient trick of the enemy.

You need revelation to perceive the situation correctly. His word to you, allows you to see and know what is really going on in the midst of what looks bad. It could be a prophetic thing that you are going through to get the greater in your life. But you need revelation to understand and sustain your position. To take your attack and turn it around from defense to offense.

What the prophetic does, is reveal to you a word so you can know what is happening behind the scenes; behind what you see in the natural. God never intended us to live from the outside in, which is the direction we have been conditioned to believe, that is, what we see we believe. Seeing is believing is not a true statement.

God intended us to live our lives from the inside out. Why, because you and the Holy Spirit living on the inside of you, are one. He reveals God’s word to you to live life from the inside out. That is why the prophetic gives you revelation and you then believe that revelation. This is the process of of you working your faith so it isn’t dead. Your faith will produce fruit in time. When you believe the word of revelation that you have, then you see. In other words, the way God designed you to operate is like He operates; which is believe what you see from Him. If you believe what you see from Him, your faith works what He has revealed to you, to manifest. It is impossible without faith working. Living life inside out requires you to believe to see. Living life outside in, is when you see to believe. If it requires you to see everything before you will believe it, you are going to get a lot of the same thing over and over again with a different twist put on it, that’s all. Why is that?

Think about it for a minute. If it requires you to see, before you believe something, how are you ever going to see anything any different than what you saw before? Do you really think that something good from what has been bad before is somehow going to look good one of these times? No it is going to continue to look bad. It is because the way you perceive a things is being based upon an old belief that bad will happen because all that has happened before has been bad. It is the law of multiplication inside out. You are seeing it outside in.

Let me illustrate. If you have a pull over shirt that is red on the outside and blue on the inside, what do you always believe the shirts color is, if you wear it the way it is suppose to be worn? You see what you believe from what you see from the outside. Now if I gave you a word that told you the shirt was red, would you ever believe that the shirt was red? What if you refused to believed what I was telling you, that the shirt was blue? If you never believed me, you will never take a look to see. You aren’t believing to see. Not unless you believe me first and looked on the inside of it, are you ever going to see the shirt as a blue shirt? You must believe to see, not see to believe in order for you to hear and apply the revelation God gives you. That is operating from the inside out, instead of the outside in.

The prophetic is about receiving revelation by His word, to find out what is happening behind the scenes. It is the ability that God gives you to comprehend, so what you comprehend you apprehend. Remember, in the kingdom of God, which is inside of you; you seek Him first, then you see. Without His sight given to you by His revelation, you aren’t getting anywhere. You go stagnant and we know what stagnant water is like. Unless a man is born again, he can not see the kingdom.

Then the next step is, what you see you enter. What you enter you possess. What you possess, you inherit. Those are the five steps to living your life with prophetic revelation that the Holy Spirit longs to give you insight into your life situations. Whatever you see you have the right to enter. Whatever you comprehend you have the right to apprehend and to enter your promises.

Step One: Comprehend by prophetic revelation where you are. Having insight to your situation.

Step Two: Apprehend what you have an understanding of by asking for foresight from God. What is the bigger picture of what is really going on.

Step Three: What you see, you can enter. Whatever you see you have the right to enter. When God shows you something, it is always for you to enter it. He wouldn’t reveal it to you, if it wasn’t yours to enter. God doesn’t tease or lie, ever.

Step Four: What you enter, you possess. If you don’t enter into what He shows you, you can’t possess it. It is yours and no one else’s. There is plenty to go around because God is mighty big to provide a lot of different things for different sons of His.

Step Five: What you possess, you inherit. If you don’t possess what you entered, you don’t have what He intends to give you as part of your inheritance. Whatever you comprehend you have the right to apprehend and to enter your promises.

Now back to the first step. What you comprehend you apprehend. How are you to apprehend what you don’t comprehend and how are you to comprehend what you don’t seek to hear His revelations to you for your life? You don’t receive your inheritance. This is what people aren’t understanding and it is costing them their inheritance. What good is a will and last testament if you never read to hear what it has to say is yours. You live without what is rightfully your inheritance. This will happen if you life from the outside in.

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