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eat the wordGod wants you to have a single eye, one lifestyle with a focused eye that sees your kingdom, and nothing else. I will process it because it is all that I’m living for. My God, here I am, send me. The eye is the lamp of the body. Matthew 6:22; if the eye is single. Which means that when the eye is looking on Him, it is single. The view isn’t to be broad, for broad is the way to destruction. When the eye is single, the whole body is flooded with light.

God saw you before you were even born as a piece of real-estate that may have been run down, and in need of repair, but He bought that real-estate to renovate, not with tools of this world but with the Spirit that only God could put inside your house to live. The contractor is you, and you choose who comes in order to renovate your house. The Spirit knows how to renovate a house to become a mansion. The mansion is you in disguise. He knows what you, the house, looked like once before time. He is the only one that can restore the house back to its original condition.

He looked at you while you were in a run down condition and said; I AM going to transform the state of that house. I AM going to show this one what they really looked like and I can do it by my Spirit breathing in them. He drew you to Himself by sending us the Head Architect, his son Jesus. He calls me His home. That’s amazing love!

If the eye is single the body is full of light. If the eye isn’t single, the body is darkened in areas. What does it mean when it says, if the light in you is darkness? You were created to carry the Light of the Spirit. If His light in you is darkness, how great is that darkness? What that is asking is, how distorted is your perception of what you’re seeing? It isn’t saying that you are dirty and dark, nor does it mean that you are condemned and worthless. It means how you perceive you and things of life are keeping your eyes from seeing the light and instead, you are seeing darkness.

We were created to live within the light and have a clear perspective of that light. If we don’t see right because we are looking at the wrong things of this world, how can we shine light? That’s exactly what Lucifer took away from within his own house, then came into the Garden of Eden to begin the same process in man and the world.

Adam and Eve had something so clear with God. All they knew was the Father and His words of Truth. The day you eat from the tree of the knowledge of both good and evil will be the day you surely die. God knew that Satan would be the talking serpent to speak twisted words of both truth and lies, good and evil, to make his evil self known to man. And the moment they would believe Satan would be the moment that would change the way man sees. Their eyes were opened to things they never knew in God before and God never wanted them to know. Man lost a single eye to eye relationship with Father God. Man saw as God sees before they fell.

Jesus came not to just take us back to heaven; He really came to take us back to our Father. The emphasis is that Jesus brought us back to our Father. He didn’t just come to bring us back to a place called heaven. Why die like He did to get us to a place? If that were the case, man could go into a place and still not have a relationship with who created him or her. No, He did to restore our relationship back to the Father and in His presence of Love, Truth, honor, greatness and all that God is. All He is, we carry. We were created in His image and likeness.

All Adam and Eve knew is what God said until the other voice spoke. Let that sink in. What we have trouble with to this very day is recognizing who is speaking in us. Did God really say, was what Satan said to Eve? That is no different than you hearing; “can God really forgive me?” Does He really love me? Look at all that I have done wrong? How can I ever measure up? And on and on the voices talk to you. But who is speaking to you? We have gotten so use to those words that we don’t even consciously acknowledge that it isn’t us alone hearing what those words are saying to us. Do you really think anybody can talk to themselves that much every day? It isn’t you talking!

What’s happening every time you hear those kinds of thoughts is the same thing that happened to Eve in the garden? There is a garden place that God has called each one of us to live in. The tree sits there in your garden every day of your life. That’s what we don’t SEE. Just don’t eat from…..

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