Be Transformed, Learn How it Happens-Pt.3

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Part Three:

Take the Limits off Your Mind

We are living in a time when knowledge, in general, is increasing at multiplied rates over the past; so much so, that it’s hard to keep up. Yet with all this knowledge, why are we less and less equipped to handle what life seems to hand out? After all, isn’t experience supposed to teach us what we need to learn? Or is there more to it than that?

I propose that it isn’t only new experiences that serve as our teacher, but rather a transformation of the mind. What do I mean by that? Do we know where our mind really is? Do we know where thoughts truly come from and where they reside? What is causing this rapidly moving, invisible motion? You may be surprised at the answers to these questions.

Consider the Israelite’s and Moses. Something in their brains never transformed. It is one thing to experience a deliverance; quite another to be transformed. Every crisis produced a complaint from the Israelite’s towards Moses because something in their thinking never got hold of the truth that God was good and would provide and take care of them. The crisis’ didn’t inspire faith in them either. Why? They didn’t believe that God had their best interest at heart or that He had a plan that was good for them.

The Israelite’s followed Moses instead of God. When Moses went up the mountain to meet with God in Exodus 32, it only took the Israelite’s six weeks to build a golden calf, a visible image, or idol. They wanted a god they could see with their natural eyes, who would be in their physical presence at all times when they needed him to do something. Are the majority of us much different today?

It is a fact that our minds can remain in captivity even after our bodies have been set free. You can even experience a healing in your body—yet your mind remains untransformed. Could this be the reason as many as ninety percent of people who receive healing at revivals or crusades lose their healing? This idea has been mentioned in various sources and if even remotely accurate is very disheartening. What is the reason for this? Our thinking must be transformed, not just our physical bodies delivered. Where your mind goes, your body follows. The mind must be renewed. It must take hold of the Word in order for that healing to hold. A person can receive healing but his mind can remain captive, which usually results in another crisis—under which he collapses. So it was with the people when they no longer saw Moses. So it was with Jesus. When he ascended to heaven in his heavenly body and the people could no longer see Him physically—they drifted away from Him. They experienced a physical deliverance but their minds were never transformed.

Experiencing deliverance is not the same as being transformed. Most miracles of deliverance follow that pattern—when the deliverer leaves, people lose their deliverances. We must learn to sustain our deliverances from life’s circumstances by knowing and looking to God, whom we learn to trust with the knowledge of His word.

When you must see everything with the five senses in order to receive what you need, you are a candidate for transformation by the Word in your mind. We do not exercise faith if we receive what we already have or that with which we are already familiar. Get prepared to expand your thinking and to take the limits off!

More to come…..

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