Be Transformed, Learn How it Happens – Pt.2

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Part Two:

Lance Wallnau teaches in his Personal Mastery course that there is a point of convergence that God wired us to walk in. Convergence is the sweet spot. It’s when God gives you a role that matches how you were neurologically wired. Your signature strengths are the core gifts and talents God gave you to accomplish the role He has for you. When you engage your fully developed gifts and talents is when you experience fulfillment, that’s your passion pulse. It’s when your gifts and talents have tapped into your signature strengths and you are a hundred percent alive with passion. When you are walking in convergence you are doing what you were gifted to do and you have a sense of euphoria doing it.

Every thought holds a picture. When I say “elephant” you see an image in your mind of an elephant. Man begins with a thought and builds upon that thought by mulling it over in the mind, reviewing a series of images. That process forms a complete picture of something he believes he is able to accomplish. Then he joins his will to the thoughts of his imagination, causing the power of observation with an expectancy to bring it from the invisible energy of the mind into the visible physical world.

Many sources quote Einstein as having said, “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Imagination drives the engine of innovation, discovery, problem solving, and peacemaking. Einstein understood that whatever can be imagined already exists; it simply exists in another dimension, in another form or substance that transforms by our thought processes. This is in essence what faith is.

The quality of your life is directly connected to the quality of your thoughts. Your thoughts determine who you are, what you are, how and where you live, where you go in life, what you get from life, who and what you love to spend time with, your identity, what you accomplish, what you change or don’t change, and so on.

You will never have more, go further, or accomplish greater things than your thoughts will allow you. Change your thoughts and change your world. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. When you meditate on success, you live a successful life.

More to come……

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