Are you Positioned to Receive

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Are you positioned to “RECEIVE” from the Lord.  According to Websters definition is: to have delivered or brought to one, or to take into one’s possession.  Yet in the Hebrew the word receive has a stronger meaning.  It is “laqach” and it has more force involved to it’s meaning, which is:  fetch, seize, take away, and get hold of.  In the Greek it is “lambano” which also has the same meaning.

So when the Lord said to me that I need to learn how to receive, you can imagine that I didn’t know what He was meaning until I went looking a little deeper.  This is the conclusion I came to after the dig.

Instead of being so passive in  my thinking about receiving, I came to realize that for me to receive that which I was battling for with my faith, I was going to have to realize that I needed to be a bit more aggressive.  That aggression isn’t directed toward God but rather the enemy who would want to keep me from receive that which is mine.

To do this you have to war against your enemy with the Word of God.  I also realized that when we receive we must relinquish our will to the giver.  The giver is the Lord.  Let me give an example.  When two people are offering to pay for something such as a meal check, the person who receives from the one who is going to pay, must relinquish their control.  Yes, we have the control when we give.  Yes, that control can be from a position to dominate.

When you agree to receive, you are relinquishing your ability to dominate or control the outcome of the circumstance.  God desires for us to learn to receive from the right heart position.  It is necessary to “submit your will” to what He wants you to “receive”.   Sometimes what He wants you to receive can become a control issue in your life once you do receive it.

Let’s say for example you receive financial blessing from the Lord.  What did you do with His blessing once you received it?  Did you ask the Lord what He wanted you to do with that financial blessing, or did you go about your business to do with it what “you wanted” to do?  God wants to be able to trust us but can he?

I began to see two things at work for receiving whatever the Lord has promised.  One, can He trust me with the gift.  Will I in turn be His gift giver or gift it upon myself.  We have to learn to relinquish our control.  He always allows some of the blessings to stick to us, however it shouldn’t be for us to hoard and ignore Him.  It is all about Him and not about us when it comes to sowing and reaping a multiplication of fruit for His Kingdom.

Two, sometimes we need to be aggressive and not passive, so we can receive what God has for us.  I think of Daniel and how his prayer got held up for 21 days because of the forces of evil working to keep it from coming.  We need to seize it, take it away from those forces that want to hold on to it trying to keep it  from coming to us.  This is when we battle with the Word to lay hold of the promises that are ours.

II Corinthians 10:4 says; “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;”   Go get your inheritance.  God is waiting for your move.


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