Faith’s Confessions Create Realities – Pt.1

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There is no faith without confession. Confession is the way for faith to express itself. Faith is by your spirit. You won’t confess anything without having the faith to believe it. What you are confessing is the substance you are hoping for by faith to show up in your life. What you confess is coming from what you believe in your heart. Faith comes out of either your positive or negative control system by your confessions. Faith then grows with your confession. (your faith incubates)  The more you confess a thing, the more you will produce what you confess. If you say “I cannot,” it is because you believe you cannot and your “I cannot” will be what you see, because you confessed what you believe.

If you really become aware of how what you say makes all the difference inside and outside of you, you can get busy and seriously change things about your life. You will turn yourself into being more than a conqueror and your life to one of victory. You can never be a conqueror until you think like one and confess like a conqueror.

We all say what we believe in our heart and if you wait to become whatever you are expecting to see, before you speak what you don’t see in your present, you are sadly mistaken to think you will ever see it. It doesn’t work that way because God put faith as the activation switch to create what you want. It is impossible to please Him without faith. We are wired to create by faith like He does.

Sadly, many Christian don’t understand how the enemy is allowed to work in their lives and most seem to believe that their prayers don’t even work. God tells us to believe what He says about Him, and us, in the Bible. If we don’t, we are calling Him a liar. That separates us from God and we are unable to create with Him. It puts us in agreement (agreement is whom our energy is in harmony with) with our enemy to create what he gets us to see. God cannot answer the opposite of what you believe; it would make Him a liar to His own word and put Him in harmony with the devil.  That is impossible for God to do.

To be Continued

Excerpt from: Think Well, Live Well Now

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