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If you want to find out more about the 21 Day Mind Boot Camp, explained on another page of this site,  take a listen to the introduction of the boot camp on Blog Talk Radio.  Follow this link to take you straight there. http://tobtr.com/s/2218145

After writing the book I was given the idea by God to write a workbook that is literally a program that develops your mind, through a 21 day process, to rewire itself.  What is involved in the concept is explained in the pages of the book; Think Well, Live Well Now.    It is possible because of the discovered biology regarding the brain, known as neuroplasticity. Through neuroplasticity the brain has the natural ability to form new connections in order to compensate for injury, or changes you want to make.   This is done through the proper management of our thoughts and the process of thinking.

For example: If our negative emotions are blocked for long periods of time, we won’t feel what we should feel. Through neuroplasticity, we have built a rut that tells us we are not allowed to feel. It creates log jams in the brain that stop thinking processes from flowing properly. However, with the knowledge of how to make changes for the positive, you actually begin to grow new pathways because of neuroplasticity to cause a positive rewiring of your brain. This is within everyones control no matter what your age and no matter what you have been through in life no matter how negative your life history.

When you bring your thoughts captive, the actual physical structure of the brain changes. The process that allows us to do this called neuroplasticity. Thinking causes neurotransmitters, which are chemicals in the brain that carry electrical impulses, to flow. Which by the way, the chemicals inside you that flow are hormones.  “Neuro” refers to neuron connections. “Plasticity” refers to the growth of those neurons and connections. As we learn something, we increase plasticity into the cells of our being.  We create more and more connections. We grow branches on our trees of the mind.  (Science calls them the “Magic trees of the mind.”)  The more we do this, the more good connections we grow.

To change a long-term memory of fear, a pre-programmed fear in our memory, we must focus on reprogramming that fear with a higher thought. The thoughts must be rewritten according to a higher sense of knowledge. The higher knowledge comes from learning how to change your self-talk, or internal head conversations and dialog which is what you say about yourself in your head. This is accomplished by storing words from positive thoughts in your head that are loving, trusting, and that speak of who you are because God created you and says you are.

The 21 day mind boot camp works to give you the knowledge you lack about yourself and then tools for performing self surgery, so to speak. One boot camper expressed it like this; she said that the main book was the medical textbook of knowledge that creates the desire and gives understanding and gives you hope of being able to make changes to your life. In other words, the 21 day mind boot camp program was like being handed the tools the doctor uses to be able to perform the surgery. The beauty is that the outcome from using the tools provided in the proper manner, as suggested, will give you the post surgery prognosis that says you will operate in divine wholeness, health and success for life.

The problem we have is the way the world approaches medicine.  All medicine, whether alternative or allopathic, only deals with applications to the body and mind.  We were created as a three part being.  When we only deal with 2 of our 3 parts we can’t ever expect to attain or keep wholeness, wellness, or success in life.

When I speak of the spirit needing to be included, I don’t mean you are now needing to go to church, get religion, or listen to preaching.  I mean the spirit encompasses and deals with everything you think from the type of thoughts that consume you.  There is a physical manifestation that takes place inside of us that moves to the outside of us that happens all due to the type of thoughts we possess.  Thoughts are what we have been programmed from either negatively or positively.   This programming has caused us to be physically healthy or sick, or affects the type of relationships we develop, or has created what success or failures we experience in our lives.

So when I said earlier that you will have a post prognosis of divine wholeness, health and success for life, you may have thought that was a pretty bold statement for me to make.  Not really, when you understand what is included in the tool bag of the 21 day mind boot camp.   The only reason I can make that statement with such confidence is largely due to only one reason. Part of the tool package in the mind boot camp involves the application of the way the Word of God being administered to your physiology through the method described in the boot camp.

The Word works and if you don’t believe that to be so literal, I challenge you to try the principles of this boot camp for 21 days and see for yourself how it does work. God created us and everything about us is to be understood and discovered in the operations manual. That manual is the Word of God. It is living and breathing and never fails when we apply it with understanding to our body, soul and spirit. Problem is that most people parish for lack of knowledge.

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