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How you Believe Determines What you Receive!

Perception involves seeing beyond what is physically visible, to see with both the physical senses and what is in your spirit. Your spirit and conscious mind process thoughts that give perceptions of meaning to those thoughts you have of prior events or future events in life. Those perceptions with given meanings then create our beliefs….

False Beliefs Elimination Program – pt 2

The steps are detailed to work because they use your own physiology to make the necessary shifts inside you. If you have gone through part 1 of the 21 Day Mind Boot Camp Program before you are attempting to do part 2, “Keys to Unlock your Beliefs”, you have learned the way your mind and…

False Beliefs Elimination Program

Eliminating false beliefs and managing true beliefs What do you believe? Answer this question out loud. Do you believe there is life on other planets? I started to answer that by saying; “I think that’s entirely possible…….”. Did you do the same thing? If so, I am going say that wasn’t what I asked you….