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Stress is Caused by Toxic Thought – pt.4

Because we are wired for love, we need chemicals generated by thoughts, words, and actions of love to flow around the tree to melt it down of toxic stored thought. Then we can build next to it the healthy tree. The thought can remain in our consciousness 24-48 hours before it returns to memory. During…

Stress is Caused by Toxic Thought – pt.3

Negative thoughts will allow stress to become engrafted into the trees of your mind. James 1:21 says, “receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls.” When you purpose in your mind to do this, your immune system will be the defensive army that protects you from illness and disease, both…

Stress is Caused by Toxic Thought – pt.2

We were created with a natural drug dispensary built into us. When we stay stressed the majority of the time, these toxic thoughts that cause your natural drug dispensary to keep spitting chemicals, can change the shape and destroy parts of the neurons. These negative changes go all the way down to your cellular level….