Feel Like Life Runs You

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Imagine a semi tractor and trailer. Imagine the trailer as your emotions. (emotions are formed from strong feelings).   Imagine the tractor (front part of the truck) is you, your mind of intelligence and reasoning.  It’s the “power” of your mind.  Next, imagine the steering wheel as your “will”.  This illustrates the way God created us.

God gave us a will to steer our thoughts, knowing that what thought images we think with will produce a creation.  When we “will” to do something, it is no longer an intelligent thought or two in our mind.  There is a connection between the mind of our heart and the mind of the brain found in our head that is made.  The act of our will is made with our heart.  We will for something to take place once this connection is made.  This happens “before the feelings develop” strongly.

God created us to use our “will to steer” our thoughts.   All thoughts contain images and thoughts determine the direction our life takes every day.  What keeps us motivated toward the direction we go in life are our emotions  (strong feelings) that develop by the dominating thoughts we think.  Desires of our heart give us the fuel to power us to move into wherever the thoughts give us directions to go.  If you want to change the direction of your life, you have to change your thoughts to different images you see in your mind.

What happens to most of us by default, is that the truck jack knifed in life for us.    Instead of the will steering the thoughts in the direction we want to go in life, which give us feelings because of the type of  thinking we have chosen; the trailer is in front of the tractor.

This means, that we get a feeling and based upon the feeling we “will to steer” our thoughts toward those feelings.  We end up being the creation instead of the creator of our life.  Why?  Feelings are suppose to follow our  thinking, they get created from the thoughts we choose to steer by our will.  You end up being driven by the feelings you have that you react to, instead of consciously controlling your thoughts of images to cause new feelings to develop, that will take you in new directions of possibilities.

Putting feelings ahead of your thoughts to cause a behavior, will not produce new possibilities, it will keep you super glued to your past feelings, with meanings from former events because you keep acting out your past scripts from life.  Your feelings are steering you through life.  Is it any wonder you feel like life runs you instead of you running life?  The reason you feel that way is because it is true.  This is how your physiology works.  The trailer is in front of the tractor.

This is why God told us to take every thought captive in 2 Corinthians 10:5.  Is it any wonder you feel  like you can’t steer your life in any other direction then the way you have gone before.  Following your feelings to move your will and intellect is having the cart before the horse; the trailer ahead of the tractor.  It will cause you to repeat life like seeing a movie rerun.  Oh, did I mention that your thoughts with images create a mind movie.

You can be free from being super glued to your past.  You have to learn to see your self the way God sees you.  He is the only one that knows what treasure He packed inside of you to discover through Him.  It is found on the inside of you, not the outside.  Start looking in, instead of out.

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