What Stress Does In You

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Notice what negative thoughts you spend time thinking with, do to your brain.  This is a picture of a single axon with a dendrite that has been burnt.  The hormonal chemical overloads that flow from negative thoughts are likened to battery acid in the brain.  Over time they will burn them.  You are left with lack or difficulty of remembering.  This occurs in stage 2 of stress.

Stage one is normal where the chemical flow has a cycle starting in the brain and going down through your body to the adrenal glands and back up into the hypothalamus.  Then it resets and starts the normal flow cycle over again.  When we don’t turn off our negative thinking, such as with fear or worry, we cause a burn out in the brain.  We find ourselves not being able to remember what we know we should.  Sometimes the memories come back when we relax and other times not at all.  If they come back it is because when you relax the little dendrites plump back up again and you can remember.

The good news is you can rebuild or rewire new branches in the brain at any age.  God never leaves you without hope.  You don’t fix the damaged ones, you grow completely new ones.  As many as you want.  Now you might ask “How” do I do that?  Well let me show you.

This is what a healthy tree branch of the brain looks like.  Notice how many more branches (dendrites) are on the end of the axon.  Science calls these the “Magic Trees of the Mind”.  You begin to grow these Only by good, wholesome, positive thoughts that you spend time with.  Your internal head conversations are critical to what you are producing throughout your physical body.  These conversations aren’t always with yourself like most people falsely believe.

Every thought originates from one of two places.  The invisible world of negative thoughts or the invisible world of positive thoughts.  All negative thoughts come from the kingdom of evil and all positive thoughts come from the Kingdom of God.  There is pleasure in sin for a season because the results aren’t felt immediately.  It happens slowly over time.  The negative energy that negative thoughts hold deplete our system.  This causes death to the cells within our body.  This causes us physical illness.  This picture to the right, illustrates a group of dendrites having become sparse in the brain of a negative person.

Positive energy that positive thoughts hold, grow our cells and supply life to them to cause them to multiply.  As shown here to the left, with a combination of those dendrites in the brain.  This is able to happen at any age.  It does require your conscious awareness.  The problem is that we don’t Notice what we are thinking most of the time.  Then we need a “why” to do something about it.  Yet without little understanding of what goes on inside of us when we don’t collect and dwell upon the positive thoughts, we don’t have a “WHY” to do anything different.  We humans need a “why” to change and then we need a “how” to do it.

We need to notice what our thoughts are telling us and how we agree with an overwhelming amount of false information.  This programming has started in us even when we were in our mothers womb.  Fear isn’t something we were conceived with.  God our Creator, plainly tells us in His word that He has not given us a spirit of fear.  Fear is taught and it along with every other emotion, is felt.  We all know that negative thoughts don’t feel good.  Positive thoughts do feel good and energize us for growth.

This kind of knowledge is shared in the book: Think Well, Live Well Now.  It is the manual to give you the “Why” to want to change.  The 21 Day Mind Boot Camp Program, which includes the companion workbook, gives you the knife and scalpel to do surgery.  It teaches you “how” to rid yourself of toxic deadly thinking.  The ongoing result trains you to change your habits and toxic patterns of thinking, so you move from Surviving to Thriving.

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